Why is binge drinking associated with college life?

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Like many other college students in Wisconsin, you are kicking off your first year in university by participating in activities involving alcohol. While you may have every intention of drinking responsibly, you should understand the potential liabilities that can result from campus drinking.

Students have considered drinking in college to be a rite of passage for generations. The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism reports that nearly 60 percent of college students across the country between the ages of 18 and 22 drank during the past month. About two out of three binge-drank during that time. You may not consider that very surprising. After all, most people consider drinking at parties, sporting events and bars to be part of the college experience. However, it can help to understand that binge drinking can involve a lot more than harmless fun.

Alcohol-related accidents

It may surprise you to learn that every year, about 1,825 college students lose their lives in incidents related to alcohol. Most often, these accidents are due to drunk driving crashes, but they also include assault, alcohol poisoning and horseplay.

Academic consequences

When you drink heavily on or near campus, it’s not just your health and safety that you might risk. Alcohol can cloud your judgment, which may result in you being arrested for drunk driving, criminal mischief, trespassing or assault. Your school may also issue discipline for drinking-related infractions, ranging from suspension from sports and clubs to expulsion.

College students drink for many reasons. You might enjoy sharing a few drinks with friends, or you could feel pressured into drinking more than you like by your peers. Like many other freshmen, you might relieve yourself from the stress of adjusting to university life by drinking more heavily than normal. There is nothing wrong with drinking responsibly, when you understand the risks involved and take steps to avoid them. If you are facing charges while in college, you may consider seeking legal counsel.

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