Police say they found marijuana and other drugs at Wisconsin home

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When Wisconsin police show up at a residence unannounced, it is usually because they believe a crime has taken place or is taking place. Four people from one particular residence were present when such a visit occurred on a recent Thursday. Those four people are now facing marijuana charges as well as other serious criminal allegations due to what unfolded when officers stepped inside the house.

Officials say the officers in question were executing a search warrant. Police say they requested the warrant after receiving information regarding a possible narcotics trafficking situation. The search is said to have resulted in numerous weapons, drugs and money being taken into police custody.

Investigators claim to have found marijuana and methamphetamine inside the residence. They also say they took custody of an electrical weapon, more than $6,000 in cash and various prescription drugs and paraphernalia typically used in drug trafficking operations. Even if a police officer claims to have found drugs in someone’s home, prosecutors will have to produce the evidence in court and also prove that the substance in question is, in fact, the drug it is claimed to be.

Four people, ages 18, 20, 40 and 62, were arrested following the search. The eldest person present is facing similar charges to the others but is also charged with failing to protect children from controlled substance distribution. Under conviction, penalties are often more severe in situations where the court determines that children were endangered. Each of those arrested will have an opportunity to present a defense against the marijuana crimes and other offenses, and most Wisconsin defendants choose to rely on experienced legal representation in court rather than go it alone.

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