Probation does not mean you are out of the woods just yet

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A common penalty for people who allegedly commit certain crimes is probation. While many people often jump for joy when they receive that verdict, it is not always a walk in the park. Anyone who receives probation as a condition of their sentence should prepare to walk a straight and narrow line to avoid additional troubles with the law.

Probation carries stipulations you must follow to avoid spending time in jail and ending up with a harsher sentence. In most cases, restitution, community service and the completion of a court-ordered education or therapy program are a few probation conditions. Take a few moments to learn what is at stake if you violate the terms of probation. By law, you are responsible for what happens to you while on probation. Any associations you may have with unsavory characters and questionable activities can land you back in hot water and mess up your probation. Keep in mind that probation comes with a set length of time that can range from as little as a few months to several years.

Stick to the schedule

One condition of probation may be for you to check in with an officer and submit to drug and alcohol testing. Anytime you are not sure if you are going to miss a meeting with your probation officer, you need to inform him or her as soon as you are aware. The same goes for chemical substance testing. You must drop a urine sample when required to avoid additional consequences that could lead to you violating your probation.

Penalties for probation violation

The penalties for going against the terms of probation include an extended probationary period, additional jail time, rescinding probation and other issues in your case. There are legitimate circumstances that may arise that interfere with your ability to honor all the terms of your sentence. Document everything, inform your probation officer and the courts, and seek out legal guidance to help you avoid/lessen the consequences.

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