Wisconsin high school student facing felony marijuana charges

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Most high schools in Wisconsin and elsewhere have rules regarding what students may or may not bring to school. For instance, it is never okay to enter a school with a weapon. It is also not okay to have marijuana in one’s possession on school grounds. Disobeying such rules or existing criminal statutes can have immediate and far-reaching negative consequences, especially if the person involved is a minor. 

A drug-related situation is reportedly what caused a big problem for a 17-year-old boy during school hours on a recent Monday. The boy’s teacher is the one who supposedly approached school officials, saying the student reeked of marijuana. Administrators then contacted police.  

The boy was sent to the principal’s office. At some point, his personal belongings were searched. Any time a person’s body, belongings or property is searched, police must first obtain a valid search warrant, unless extenuating circumstances exempt them from having to do so. Police claim this particular search uncovered more than 10 bags of marijuana. The amount allegedly contained in the bags led to adult charges against the teenager for illegal possession of THC with intent to deliver on or near school grounds.  

Marijuana charges of this magnitude typically carry severe penalties under conviction, which may include several years behind bars and/or fines up to $10,000. What may work toward the young man’s favor is that he has never before been charged with a crime in Wisconsin. Parents of any minor facing similar legal problems may request support from an experience criminal defense attorney.  

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