Are prescription drugs safe to share?

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The field of medicine has progressed significantly in the last few decades, producing amazing medications that can prevent, treat or even cure diseases of all kinds. Some of these drugs have a high risk of dangerous side effects, though, so they follow strict regulation. This includes only obtaining them through a valid prescription from a licensed doctor.

Despite this requirement, many people think it is not a problem to share prescription drugs with friends and family. After all, you may think, if someone else needs it for the same reason, why not share it to avoid the hassle of setting up and going to a doctor appointment to get it?

It is dangerous

Prescription drugs can be just as harmful as they are helpful. First, not everyone reacts to medication in the same way. What is safe and effective for one person may be dangerous to another. Just because nothing bad has happened to you does not mean it is good for your friend, and vice versa.

Dosage is just as important as medication type, too. It can be easy to overdose with a prescription based on someone else’s body makeup and medical history.

Prescription drugs are also highly addictive. In fact, those in their college years are currently struggling the most with prescription drug abuse, reports the National Institute on Drug Abuse. Some of the reasons relate directly to college life: increase concentration, relieve stress and have fun.

It is illegal

Because of the above dangers, sharing prescription drugs is illegal and can land you in big trouble with both the law and the Wisconsin university you are attending. Abuse and addiction are also gateways to other criminal activity, such as driving while high, forging prescriptions and stealing.

Arrests, charges and convictions will show up on a criminal record, making it hard to obtain employment. Sharing drugs among friends may not seem like a big deal, but it puts in jeopardy the health, freedom and future of all those involved.

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