Wisconsin cop questions woman about marijuana

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The duties of Wisconsin police officers typically include making routine traffic stops. Such situations sometimes result in nothing more than a warning to a driver, perhaps regarding travel speed or a broken tail light. Other situations, however, lead to the arrest of one or more people, which is what happened recently when a police officer claimed to have smelled marijuana coming from the inside of a woman’s car. 

The 21-year-old woman was reportedly traveling with her 49-year-old mother and three young children in the car. Officials say the initial reason for the traffic stop had to do with the tint of the vehicle’s windows. Two of the children in the car were toddlers and the other was an infant.

When the officer who made the stop approached the vehicle, the woman was then questioned as to whether she had been smoking marijuana before getting behind the wheel or while she was driving. Police claim that she admitted to doing so. Their reports also state that the woman gave the police officer drug paraphernalia that was in her vehicle.

Such situations can be complicated. Police may ask questions regarding drugs or alcohol during a traffic stop, but drivers are not legally obligated to answer them. They’re also entitled to legal representation. The woman in this case is now facing criminal charges that carry steep penalties under conviction in Wisconsin. Any man or woman facing similar issues regarding alcohol, marijuana or some other drug may exercise his or her personal rights by requesting to speak with an attorney.

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