Valentine’s Day ends in 9 arrests for drug crimes in Wisconsin

On Behalf of | Feb 21, 2019 | Drug Crimes

Investigators say they were working on a particular case for several months. On Valentine’s Day, police officers were dispatched to four different Wisconsin residences, all within the same general region. The officers reportedly carried warrants that granted them permission to search the homes in question. The searches led to nine arrests for suspicion of drug crimes.

Police say they seized $35,000 worth of heroin from the premises they searched. They also claim to have seized methamphetamine, marijuana, firearms and $1,400 in cash. Those taken into police custody range in ages from 21 to 49.

In situations like this, it is not enough for police to claim to find drugs on a person’s body or in a house. The substances collected must be submitted to laboratory testing to prove that they are, in fact, illegal drugs. For instance, just because a police officer finds a baggie of a dried, leafy substance does not necessarily mean it is marijuana. Evidence may be challenged if there is cause to believe that a personal rights violation occurred during an investigation.

Penalties under conviction for drug crimes in Wisconsin can be quite severe. Defendants accused of such crimes do well to build as strong a defense as possible before heading to court. An experienced criminal defense attorney can be a great asset in helping to determine which type of defense strategy would work best in a particular set of circumstances. A defendant may request legal representation before answering any questions, and it is typically crucial to rely on the expertise of a criminal defense attorney at every stage of the proceedings.

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