Wisconsin police claim man admitted to marijuana possession

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If Wisconsin police pull someone over in a traffic stop, they may ask the driver of the car or a passenger, numerous questions. Whether a person being questioned must provide answers depends on the situation. If a motorist speaks freely during a traffic stop, it may work against him or her down the line if criminal charges are filed. A man who was recently stopped in traffic is now facing legal trouble regarding marijuana; police say he admitted to having approximately 100 pounds of it in his car.

The initial reason for the traffic stop is said to have involved a minor traffic violation. The patrol officer claimed the driver executed a lane change without using proper signaling. From there, things continued to go downhill for the man behind the wheel.

Police say he was driving under a suspended license and could not show proper proof of insurance or vehicle registration. At some point during the traffic stop, the officer in question reportedly asked the man if he had any marijuana in his car. The officer later stated that the man said he did have marijuana and that he also told the officer he had no reason to lie.

Wisconsin authorities claim the arresting officer not only found raw marijuana in the man’s vehicle but also wax, as well as $9,000 in cash. If a person has been detained and a vehicle search has taken place, there is a chance that a personal rights violation may have occurred during the process if a police officer failed to adhere to proper protocol. An experienced criminal defense attorney can help determine if a personal rights violation has occurred and can challenge the evidence gathered in such cases.

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