Marijuana: What are the laws in Wisconsin?

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There are several legal issues in the United States that are complex because federal law and state laws seem to conflict. For instance, the federal law states that any and all use, possession of, manufacture of, or distribution of marijuana is illegal. However, many states have enacted laws that allow restricted use of this drug and some have decriminalized it entirely, so medical and recreational use is no longer illegal in these states. Wisconsin residents will want to stay updated on the laws of this state, which currently align with federal laws.

Even if you purchase marijuana in a state where it is legal to do so, you may not enter this state in possession of the drug. If you do, you are at risk for arrest and criminal charges that can lead to severe penalties under conviction. Wisconsin laws typically list marijuana crimes in three categories: possession, trafficking and sales.

People who suffer from seizure disorders may possess forms of cannabis that do not produce psychoactive effects. Legal permission to do so comes under the CBD-only bill, which took effect in 2014. This law is highly restrictive, however, and protects a narrow class of people. There is often great confusion over medical cannabis laws, and any man or woman facing charges that relate to the issue will want to seek effective legal guidance and support.

The Krische Law Office is committed to helping you mitigate your circumstances if you are arrested and charged with a marijuana crime in Wisconsin. If you have a valid medical card, it may be possible to minimize the negative consequences of criminal charges if your situation meets the requirements for CBD-only possession. Overcoming charges for suspected marijuana crimes is definitely challenging and acting alongside experienced legal support is often the best means for obtaining a positive outcome in court.

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