Wisconsin police arrest 6 people for suspected drug crimes

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When a Wisconsin party gets out of hand, police are often called to the scene to investigate. Such incidents often lead to arrests and, sometimes, criminal charges against one or more party-goers. A recent party prompted a 911 call that ultimately led to six arrests for suspected drug crimes.

It was just after 7 p.m. on a Thursday when cops showed up at a residence in the town of Lincoln. The caller said a fight had broken out at a party. Police say they arrived to a chaotic scene and observed a man attempting to jump out a window. The officers say they shouted at the man, commanding him to show them his hands. 

The man allegedly refused and retreated back into the house. Police say they spoke with the homeowner, who told them there was no problem. The deputies later reported, however, that they found numerous people hiding inside and outside the home. Officers claimed to have found drug paraphernalia and substances suspected to be illegal drugs in plain view at the residence; they searched the property and reported finding heroin, cocaine, marijuana and other drugs and drug-related items. 

The six people arrested at the Wisconsin residence are now facing various criminal charges for suspected drug crimes and other offenses, including obstructing a police officer and jumping bail. Simply being present in a home does not necessarily mean a person is guilty of a drug crime. Every defendant is guaranteed an opportunity to fight such charges in court, which is much easier to do if the assistance of an experienced criminal defense attorney is sought before heading to court. 

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