Vials for vaping marijuana focus of recent Wisconsin arrest

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There are certain hot topics that are controversial and the subjects of ongoing debate throughout the country. If there is one issue that prompts opposing viewpoints as often as immigration, it is marijuana. From medical use to recreational use and vaping, there is definitely no shortage of discussion on such matters.

Regarding vaping, police in Wisconsin recently made a traffic stop that led to a man’s arrest. It all began when a police officer pulled over a 22-year-old man for speeding. During the stop, a K-9 dog reportedly alerted officers to loose marijuana lying on the floor of the vehicle.

This prompted a more extensive search of the vehicle. Police say they discovered more than 200 THC vaping vials that they claim are worth approximately $6,000. In this state, only CBD vaping vials are legal. The driver of the car was arrested and is now facing charges for drug crimes.

Marijuana laws in Wisconsin may vary from neighboring states, which often complicates matters, especially when such laws conflict with federal regulations. As in all suspected drug crime situations, the man in this case is presumed innocent of the charges and will be afforded an opportunity to refute the charges against him in court. To build as strong a defense a possible, most defendants seek guidance and support from experienced criminal defense attorneys. One of the first things an attorney can do is help determine if any personal rights violations may have occurred during or following an arrest, and then formally address those issues before the court.

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