Ways a conviction can affect your college experience

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Having fun is part of the college experience. You will face a number of opportunities when it comes to socializing in college. Some of the choices you make, however, may also lead to a poor decision.

If you find yourself in a legal predicament as the result of a one-time lapse in judgment, you may face some consequences that leave you in a bind. Take a look at some ways your present and future plans may change drastically after conviction of a crime.

Your financial aid may go away

College costs money, and perhaps the only way you can afford to attend is the financial aid package you received. Conviction of some crimes may put that aid in danger. Some scholarships may rescind current and future payments. If you have a loan programs through the federal government or receive any type of grant, there is a chance you will lose it for a time or forever.

You may have to do extra work

Some colleges care about your record, regardless of the crime. You may have to go above and beyond to appease the board and get back to good standing. You may have to keep the school updated as to your progression through your sentencing or post-sentencing requirements such as probation and community service. Colleges want to make sure you have done what the court required to pay your debt.

Your future career may change

A criminal conviction may put your career aspirations on hold or change them completely. Depending on your career path, your conviction may take you out of the running for eligibility in areas such as:

  • Legal field
  • Law enforcement
  • Education

Also keep in mind that you will have to disclose the conviction on every background check. Making a mistake in college that results in a criminal conviction may taint your education and future career. 

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