Wisconsin prosecutors charge man for suspected drug crimes

On Behalf of | May 29, 2019 | Drug Crimes

Investigators in Wisconsin and elsewhere often use covert means to try to gather information and evidence when they believe someone has committed an act involving illegal drugs. A recent large-scale investigation spanning several counties has resulted in an arrest. Police say they believe the man in question has committed drug crimes. 

State patrol officers and sheriff’s deputies aided drug-traffic investigators as they placed surveillance on a man who had traveled to Wisconsin from another state. This was part of investigation efforts that began in April. Officers also entered and searched several homes earlier this month in connection with the situation.

A 25-year-old man was taken into police custody. Police say their home searches revealed approximately 17 pounds of methamphetamine. Investigators also say that they believe the defendant and others are responsible for distributing more than 30 pounds of meth throughout several counties. At one point, investigators suspected a person from another state as being the source of the drugs they claimed were being distributed in Wisconsin. Sheriff’s deputies and state patrol officers stopped a traveler on I-43 whom they believed was going to meet with someone who was involved in the alleged illegal drug operation.

As in all cases of suspected drug crimes, the defendant is guaranteed an opportunity to refute the charges against him. Most Wisconsin residents facing such charges turn to experienced criminal defense attorneys for guidance and support before heading to court. This is the best means of building a strong defense that may ultimately lead to a favorable ruling or, at least, help mitigate one’s circumstances.

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