Dogs prompted police attention, leading to drug crimes arrests

On Behalf of | Jun 11, 2019 | Drug Crimes

There are numerous reasons why Wisconsin dog owners should avoid leaving their pets inside parked vehicles. One is that the temperature inside a car can be so hot that it poses a safety risk for dogs. A recent situation led to police being dispatched to a particular location to do a dog-welfare check. It led to two people being arrested on suspicion of drug crimes.

Officers said they found two dogs in a parked vehicle when they arrived at the scene. They spoke with a man who reportedly said the car belonged to his girlfriend. Police say they questioned the man further because they smelled marijuana coming from the inside of the car. The man apparently said friends who were smoking the drug were in the vehicle on the previous evening.

Police instructed the man and his girlfriend to take possession of the dogs so they could search the car. They say they found a backpack containing pills, a white substance and numerous gallon-sized bags of suspected marijuana. Both the woman who owned the vehicle and the man who spoke with police were arrested on suspicion of drug crimes. Police say they spoke with a person whose name was given to them by the man as the friend who owned the backpack, but the person apparently said he was not with the couple the previous day and had not spoken to the man in months.

Just because Wisconsin police suspect people of drug crimes does not mean those people will be convicted. In fact, many cases never even go to trial due to lack of evidence or because personal rights violations occurred during or following a search or arrest. Any man or woman currently facing charges for a drug-related incident may seek guidance and support from an experienced criminal defense attorney before heading to court.

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