How much does a Wisconsin OWI affect auto insurance rates?

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While it is common knowledge that a drunk driving conviction can cost you a significant amount of money, many Wisconsin motorists find themselves surprised when they see just how much of a financial toll such a charge can take. While you will likely have to pay fines and surcharges in the wake of your drunk driving arrest, you may, too, have to pay for substance abuse treatment or the installation of an ignition interlock device on your vehicle, among other expenses.

While these expenses can add up fast, and particularly if you also struggle to get to work because of driver’s license restrictions, reports that they are not the only expenditures you will likely face in the aftermath of an operating while intoxicated conviction. You can also plan on having to pony up significantly more money for automotive insurance coverage than you have in in the past.

Steep insurance increases

So, just how much may you watch your auto insurance rates rise once you have a conviction for OWI on your Wisconsin driving record? While virtually all motorists convicted of drunk driving will experience insurance rate hikes of somewhere between about 28% and 371% after their convictions, Wisconsin’s drivers, specifically, can expect to see their insurance rates rise about 46%. Just what could this look like in dollars and cents?

These days, the typical Wisconsin driver who has never received a conviction for drunk driving pays an average of $1,147 each year for car insurance coverage. The average Wisconsin driver who has a conviction for drunk driving, however, can anticipate paying about $1,674 a year for coverage, which amounts to a yearly difference of $527.

While watching your insurance rates skyrocket after an OWI can prove troubling, you may, in some instances, find that insurers are reluctant to offer to cover you at all because of your conviction. In these situations, it may serve you well to confer with several different providers to find one who can offer you the best rate.

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