Woman accused of OWI in Wisconsin

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Wisconsin prosecutors aggressively pursue conviction when they believe they have evidence that a defendant has broken drunk driving laws. Penalties for OWI can be severe, including expensive fines and, perhaps, even jail time. One woman is in a heap of trouble after police took her into custody while she was carrying children as passengers in her vehicle.

It is a fact that the woman’s vehicle was involved in an accident. Police who responded to the scene say they found her face down in a ditch. She had apparently suffered significant injuries because officers later said there was a lot of blood surrounding her. Rescue workers transported the woman and three minors who had been traveling with her to a nearby hospital so they could obtain medical attention.

At some point, the woman reportedly submitted to a blood test. That test led to criminal charges against her because police say the results showed her blood alcohol content was above the legal limit for operating a motor vehicle. The 51-year-old must now appear in court in August regarding the six felony counts against her. She has entered a not guilty plea in court.

When a man or woman in Wisconsin is charged with OWI, it can lead to license suspension or worse. Mere accusations do not constitute guilt, however. The state guarantees every defendant an opportunity to present as strong a defense as possible to refute charges and possibly avoid incarceration. While the most desired outcome is not always possible, an experienced criminal defense attorney can, at least, help try to mitigate one’s circumstances.

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