Did Wisconsin police officers arrest you for drug crimes?

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If a Wisconsin police officer arrests you, he or she must have first established probable cause for doing so. Perhaps you got pulled over in a traffic stop and an officer searched your vehicle. If that situation occurred without your consent and without the officer obtaining a valid warrant, and you are now facing charges for drug crimes, you may have grounds to challenge the legitimacy of the case based on a personal rights violation.

Nowadays, police officers often make arrests after obtaining information from informants during investigations. If the credibility of said informants is highly questionable, and an experienced criminal defense attorney knows how to use that to counter prosecutors’ strategies. In addition to probable cause, search warrants and third-party testimony, there are other issues that may help increase the chances of obtaining a positive outcome in court.

For instance, perhaps you borrowed a friend’s jacket the night you were arrested. Maybe police found drug paraphernalia in the pocket of the coat, but you had no idea it was there. Such issues could help you build a strong defense if you wind up facing drug charges in connection with the incident.

Krische & Moertel LLC is committed to providing strong defense support to any man or woman facing charges for suspected drug crimes in Wisconsin. Helping to mitigate your circumstances becomes one of our highest priorities as soon as you request a meeting with our experienced legal team. You can act with confidence when you have seasoned defense attorneys helping you determine a best course of action at each juncture throughout the adjudication process.

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