2 brothers in Wisconsin accused of drug crimes regarding vaping

On Behalf of | Sep 17, 2019 | Drug Crimes

Wisconsin investigators say they believe two men who happen to be brothers are involved in activity regarding illegal drugs. The case is unique because the drug crimes the brothers are suspected of involve vaping. Law enforcement authorities say they think that numerous vape injuries and illnesses across the country are linked to a vape manufacturing operation with which the two brothers are connected.

Police arrested the brothers, ages 23 and 20, after searching a condominium and a home earlier this month. Investigators claim the search revealed alleged evidence of an established THC-induced vape manufacturing scheme. One official went so far as to publicly state that he believes the men were in charge of an illegal drug empire.

More than $1 million in supposed illegal drugs plus more than 30,000 vape cartridges were among items police seized after conducting a search of the properties. The case also involves a local minor, whose parents brought him to a police station after he allegedly purchased a vaping cartridge. The boy apparently gave the names of the two brothers to the police, which prompted the search.

Just because someone (especially someone under age 18) says someone did something, that does not necessarily mean it is true. When someone is charged with drug crimes in Wisconsin or elsewhere, he or she is guaranteed an opportunity to refute the charges in question. Most defendants choose to act alongside experienced legal representation rather than try to go it alone in court. An experienced criminal defense attorney can execute various strategies to help build a strong defense and to try to poke holes in a prosecutor’s case.

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