Are you facing charges for a marijuana crime in Wisconsin?

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There are certain topics that tend to spark controversy in Wisconsin and across the country. Marijuana is definitely one of them. Many people believe it should be legal to grow, sell, purchase or use the drug at will. Others adamantly disagree. What matters most is what the laws are and whether or not a particular person knows where to seek support if a legal problem arises involving marijuana.

People who live in or travel to this state may be easily confused by regulations and laws pertaining to marijuana. This is because state law permits the use of this particular drug in certain circumstances, but federal law prohibits any and all possession, manufacturing, sales or purchase of the marijuana. This can lead to complications, especially if a person thinks he or she is acting within the law and winds up facing charges for a drug crime.

If that happens, it is essential to know one’s rights and how to protect them. Learning more about that is easily achieved by consulting with an experienced criminal defense attorney. Such an attorney is well-versed on state and federal drug laws and can help a person facing charges explore any and all options and strategies for building a strong defense.

Some jurisdictions in Wisconsin have decriminalized certain cannabis offenses. If the court convicts a person of a marijuana crime in this state on a first offense, there are often alternative sentences available that do not involve jail time. Any man or woman currently facing legal problems related to marijuana may seek immediate guidance and support by requesting a meeting with Krische & Moertel LLC, an experienced legal team committed to helping clients achieve as positive an outcome as possible.

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