Receiving a license reinstatement after an OWI

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Driving is a privilege that is sometimes underappreciated, until it is taken away. For those facing an OWI or DUI, loosing driving privileges may be a genuine concern.

Thankfully, there are certain actions parties may take to regain their privileges. It is important to understand and implement the proper steps.

Determine eligibility

Depending upon the severity of the OWI charge, drivers may face different restrictions in regards to regaining their driving privileges. In order to determine eligibility, drivers may check their status utilizing the Department of Transportation’s online system. To reach the records, parties must present personal identifying information, such as their driver’s license or identification card number, social security number, or name, date of birth and gender.

Submit insurance proof

First-time OWI offenders do not have to submit proof of insurance. However, those with multiple offenses may have to provide proof of insurance. For those who must submit the information, they must do so utilizing an SR22 insurance certificate. Parties must obtain the certificate from their insurance provider and submit it directly to the Department of Transportation. It is important to note that the insurance must meet or exceed the insurance coverage requirements of the state.

Additional requirements

Along with ordering the payment of any applicable fees, the court may require certain parties to install an ignition interlock device as a requirement for complete reinstatement of a driver’s license. In those cases, drivers are responsible for the cost of the devices and installation. Parties must also submit proof of the installation on all vehicles that the petitioner ownes. If a vehicle is exempt from the installation requirements by the court, the petitioner must submit a copy of the exemption order attesting to such.

While reinstating a driver’s license may be helpful, parties still have to deal with the actual legal charges. Working with a knowledgeable professional can be helpful for solving both issues.

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