Your record, your future and fighting your DUI charge

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Perhaps you are a student at one of our local colleges. You decided to drive home after enjoying a few beers with friends and police stopped you on suspicion of drunk driving.

This is your first offense, so you think the penalties will not be too severe. The problem is that a conviction for DUI stays on your record. How will this affect your future?

Academic issues

Your education undoubtedly means a lot to you. Your studies are preparing you for a career, and you have certain goals in mind. A conviction for driving under the influence of alcohol stays on your record forever. This may make future educational aspirations difficult, such as admission to graduate school. The DUI mark also disqualifies you from attaining the certification or state licensing you need for entering professions such as teaching, law or medicine.

On the job front

Most companies run background checks on applicants; this is easy to do online. Once again, your conviction for drunk driving may get in the way. When the recruiter sees the DUI mark on your record, he or she may not choose you to fill the position. Another applicant with a clean record, someone who seems more trustworthy, may get the nod instead of you.

Your automobile insurance

Driver’s license suspension usually accompanies a conviction for DUI. To qualify for license reinstatement, you must show proof that you carry auto insurance with at least the minimum coverage required by Wisconsin. The issue here is that due to the DUI on your record, your insurance company may deem you a high-risk driver and yank your coverage or issue a new policy with a much higher premium.

Fighting the charge

If a police officer charges you with driving under the influence of alcohol, explore your legal options promptly. There may have been errors committed during your arrest or issues with the results of the blood test you took. This is the time to rely on an experienced advocate who can help you fight the charge. You want the best outcome for your case and a record that remains free of a DUI mark that could jeopardize your plans for the future.

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