Don’t let holiday fun lead to OWI in Wisconsin

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Wisconsin police will likely increase their roadway presence during the holidays, as is common in most states when state troopers and local police departments set up roadblocks and surveillance to try to catch and remove drunk drivers from the road. Being charged with OWI is definitely no small matter, even if a specific incident is the first time a particular person has ever been in legal trouble. It is a fact that the number of collisions that are alcohol-related tend to increase during a holiday season.

That is why it is so important for party-goers to have a plan in mind for how to avoid getting pulled over for suspected intoxication. Knowledge is a key factor toward travel safety. There are many myths associated with alcohol. Researching legitimate sources of information to better understand fact from fiction is a good idea, preferably before one consumes alcohol and especially before one gets behind the wheel to drive.

While abstinence is undoubtedly the easiest way to avoid facing OWI charges during the holidays, it is not necessarily wrong or illegal to imbibe. If one is going to do so, it’s best to have a plan in mind that includes hiring ride share services or designating a driver who agrees to drink non-alcoholic beverages only. If a traffic stop occurs and police officer asks a driver to step out of the vehicle, it is critical that he or she knows how to protect his or her rights. 

Have there ever been people arrested for OWI who were innocent of the crime? Yes, there have been, as breath test devices do not always produce reliable results and police officers are capable of error. This is merely one of many reasons it is best to request legal representation as soon as possible when one has been accused of drunk driving in Wisconsin.

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