Drug possession charges place your future at risk

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It is not always easy to predict where drug possession charges will lead. A great deal depends on the circumstances of your arrest and the disposition of the prosecution toward drug crimes. Felony drug possession carries stiff penalties. However, even if you are facing misdemeanor charges, a conviction can still leave you with lifelong consequences, including financial struggles and challenges finding gainful employment.

The laws are different in each state and jurisdiction, and the rapidly changing marijuana laws may affect the way the courts handle your charges if marijuana is the drug police claim you had in your possession. No matter which substances your charges relate to, you would be wise to reach out for representation from a skilled Wisconsin attorney.

Understanding the charges

Drug possession can mean more than having a few pills or some weed in your pocket. In some cases, you may not even have to have the substance on your person for police to arrest you for possession. However, prosecutors must prove that you knew the drug was on your property or within your access and that you understood that the drug was a controlled substance according to federal laws. This is why it is important that you know your rights when police ask to search your home or vehicle.

Simple possession means authorities believe you had the drugs solely for your personal use. They determine this often by the quantity. If you possess more than a certain amount of a substance or if you also have other items such as baggies, scales or cash, they will likely assume you intended to sell or distribute the drugs. In these cases, you may have to defend against the testimony of others who claim to have purchased drugs from you.

Take this seriously

Along with possession charges, you may face additional charges, such as possessing drug paraphernalia. In most states, it is illegal to possess items that drug users primarily use for taking drugs, such as pipes, needles, spoons and clips. Authorities may have a stronger case for possession of drug paraphernalia if they find any of these items with drug residue on them. Police may confiscate items they believe you used to manufacture or cultivate drugs, such as certain chemicals, and these can become evidence against you.

Wisconsin has some of the toughest drug penalties in the country with typical sentences well above the national average. If you are dealing with drug possession charges, you do not want to brush them off them as a minor offense. Having an attorney on your side can improve your chances of a more positive outcome for your case.

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