Wisconsin police arrest man on suspicion of drug crimes

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Wisconsin police claim to have received tips regarding a 46-year-old man, and those tips led them to believe he was involved in illegal drug activity. While it is unclear what, if any, connection the man in question has with a local business, police executed a search at the business that ultimately led to the man’s arrest. He is now facing serious charges for multiple drug crimes.

It is not the first time the man has been charged with drug crimes. He was convicted in Pennsylvania for similar offenses in 2006. In this instance, police not only searched the place of business mentioned earlier but also searched the defendant’s home. During that search, officers claimed to have seized a substantial amount of methamphetamine and marijuana. Police also claim the man had illegal possession of a firearm, given the fact that he was convicted of a felony crime in another state.

Regardless of a person’s criminal record, prosecutors have to prove the current charges in court and beyond a reasonable doubt.  Each accused individual is guaranteed an opportunity to refute any and all formal charges. Certain facts may help that endeavor, such as being able to prove a mistaken case of identity or having a strong alibi that shows the individual was not at a particular location at a certain time.

Refuting charges of drug crimes in a Wisconsin court is typically quite challenging, especially when multiple charges are involved and prosecutors believe they have evidence to prove their case. It pays to have an experienced criminal defense attorney on one’s side at every stage of the proceedings. The attorney can determine a best course of action to challenge the prosecution’s case and to protect the client’s rights, as well as try to preserve the client’s freedom.

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