Accused of drug crimes? It helps to know where to seek support

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Wisconsin police make arrests throughout the state on a daily basis. There are numerous reasons why a task force might show up at someone’s door, seeking to conduct a search of a residence. From the first knock, it is critical that those within the residence have a clear understanding of their rights. It is also useful to know how to protect those rights, especially if an an arrest and charges of drug crimes appear imminent.

Law enforcement officers are typically focused on accomplishing their mission. Their presence and demeanor can be intimidating to the average person. If the police show up at your door, asking to come inside, it is important to try to remain calm and to remember that you do not have to comply with their request if they do not have a valid search warrant.

As in many areas of law, there are exceptions, such as if an officer believes public safety is at immediate risk or sees a crime in progress. Generally speaking, however, if police cannot produce a valid warrant to search your property, you are not legally obligated to let them into your home. There are a number of legal rights that apply to those facing these circumstances, and it is typically best to say you would like to speak with a lawyer before addressing any questions. 

When a Wisconsin judge sentences someone after a conviction for drug crimes, the defendant in question might wind up paying steep fines or even spending time behind bars. This is not necessarily the outcome of every case, however, because an experienced criminal defense attorney might still be able to convince a judge to dismiss a case or at least to impose a lighter sentence than the maximum allowed by law. Krische & Moertel LLC, in Eau Claire, are committed to helping you determine the best way forward to build a strong a defense focused on achieving the most favorable result.

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