Recent morning in Wisconsin included a drug bust

On Behalf of | Jan 6, 2020 | Drug Crimes

Wisconsin SWAT teams definitely do not always wait for “acceptable visiting hours” when they want to search a residence. A unit in Racine recently showed up at 6 a.m. to conduct a search at a particular address. A K-9 deputy was also dispatched to the scene. The situation resulted in accusations of drug crimes against a man who inside the residence at the time.

The officers reportedly were executing a search warrant when they visited the man at the early morning hour. They also are said to have asked him if he had any drugs inside his home that might harm the search dog. It is usual for K-9 handlers to ask such questions before executing drug searches. Officers claim the man told them he could not care less if the K-9 unit were to die.

Police say they seized a handgun from the premises that was reported stolen. They also claim to have found numerous illegal drugs inside the residence, including heroin, ecstasy and cocaine. There was also reportedly a large amount of cash and other items that the SWAT team says were likely being used to commit drug crimes. 

Being charged with drug crimes in Wisconsin or any other state is definitely no small matter. A conviction can carry substantial fines and severe penalties, especially if the person in question has a criminal history. The man in this specific case reportedly has a felony on his record; however, he does not need to go it alone in court. By requesting legal representation right away, he can be confident that an attorney will try to secure the most positive outcome possible on his behalf.

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