Are you facing expulsion over criminal charges?

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If you are a college student in Wisconsin facing criminal charges, you know there is a lot on the line. In addition to the criminal penalties you are facing, you may also have to deal with things such as loss of scholarships, removal from student programs and even expulsion from school. These are detrimental consequences, and you’re fighting against much more than just the threat of jail time.

With so much at stake, you will find it beneficial to work with an experienced defense attorney at every step of this process. Your legal ally can assist you with the criminal aspects of your case and provide guidance regarding any school-related consequences you are facing. Your future is at stake, but with the right help, you can fight to secure your long-term interests.

Facts about school expulsion

Expulsion from school doesn’t always have to coincide with a formal criminal charge, but it often does. In some cases, this threat can arise when a student has allegedly violated school policies or is facing accusations of some type of violent behavior. It is more common now for schools and universities to implement zero-tolerance policies, which means that even an accusation or a first offense could be grounds for expulsion. 

This is especially frustrating for a student not yet convicted of a crime or even formally charged. In some cases, it is beneficial and necessary for parents to retain legal counsel to fight back against the threat of expulsion. Students typically have the right to a hearing before expulsion, and legal counsel can prove helpful during this process as well.

The rights of students

There can be confusion regarding the rights of students facing an expulsion hearing. You can fight to have access to the documents and evidence the school is planning to use against you, including statements made during questioning. Your legal counsel can object to certain statements and witness accounts, fighting for your rights at every step. 

Facing criminal charges or accusations of certain behaviors can be detrimental to your college career. If expelled, you could have difficulty continuing your education and finding other opportunities in the future. Whether it’s in the courtroom or during a school hearing, you have the right to fight for your future interests. You can start working on your defense strategy as soon as possible after an arrest or as soon as you learn there is an investigation into your activities.

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