Federal agents involved in 17 arrests for drug crimes

On Behalf of | Mar 2, 2020 | Drug Crimes

A recent investigation took place in Wisconsin that did not end well for at least 17 people. They were arrested in connection with a task force raid and are now facing charges for drug crimes. The FBI was involved in the raid.

Those who were arrested are accused of being members of a gang that is well-known for its violence. During the recent raid, officers say they discovered hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash. They also claim to have seized more than 50 firearms and a substantial amount of a substance they believe to be heroin.

Authorities say they are still looking for several more people that they also suspect were involved in illegal drug activity in connection with this case. Every person is guaranteed an opportunity to refute criminal charges. The criminal justice system presumes innocence unless and until prosecutors prove otherwise in court. Even if federal agents search a property or person and seize substances they claim to be illegal drugs, such substances must be sent to a laboratory to identify their properties and confirm that they are actually what prosecutors claim them to be.

The penalties incurred for a federal drug crimes conviction can be quite severe, including hefty fines and extended prison time. This is why most defendants secure experienced legal representation before heading to court. A Wisconsin criminal law attorney can help a defendant explore strategies and build a strong case. Every accused individual has legal rights and an experienced attorney knows how to protect those rights in court.

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