What substances could your child encounter while away at college?

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Each person has a different experience while in college. Some individuals may focus completely on their studies and do their best to maintain high grades. Others may recognize the importance of their classes and work, but they also want to have a good time during what may be the first time they are away from their parents for a long period.

You may have sent your child off to college with ideas of your own about how he or she would spend time. You may have thought your child would join clubs, reach academic achievement or maybe even play sports. Of course, you did not overlook the fact that your child may face temptations to participate in unseemly or illegal activities, like using drugs or alcohol.

Common drugs on campuses

Unfortunately, even though college campuses typically have policies in place regarding the use of alcohol or drugs on campus, many students end up in situations where they may come in contact with such substances. In fact, some of the most commonly abused drugs on college campuses include the following:

  • Alcohol: It may not come as much surprise to you that alcohol is common on college campuses, but it may still worry you if your child is underage or may face a DUI.
  • Prescription pills: Many students believe that “study drugs” will help them improve their academic performance, but prescription medications like Adderall and Ritalin can have adverse effects on someone who uses without medical supervision.
  • Cocaine: You may balk at the idea of your child using hard drugs while off at college, but he or she could come into a situation where peer pressure invites him or her to try the substance.
  • Marijuana: Like alcohol, the fact that marijuana is common on college campuses may not surprise you, but remember, your child could face serious legal consequences if police find him or her in possession of the substance.

Various substances could entice your child while he or she is in college. Though you may hope that you raised your child to use good judgment, it is not always easy to say no. If your child does end up in a situation where police have charged him or her with a crime involving drugs or alcohol, you may need to gain reliable information from Wisconsin legal resources about what your child can do to combat the allegations.


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