Smoking pot on college campuses still popular

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Many states surrounding Wisconsin have already legalized marijuana in some aspects, but not Wisconsin. Even so, college students continue to enjoy the illegal substance. 

While enjoying the college experience, these students may not consider the long-term ramifications of using pot. 

Top 20 list 

According to Business Insider, the University of Wisconsin-Madison ranks 18th in its top 20 list of college students who smoke pot. But, the drug is still illegal in the state. In fact, many colleges in the top 20 list were in states with laws against marijuana. Students should not possess or use a controlled substance. 

While the University of Wisconsin-Madison is the only school in the state that showed up on the list, it is not the only university in the state where students enjoy recreational marijuana despite its illegality. 

The long-term consequences 

WisCONTEXT explains that college students convicted of marijuana possession or use can face serious long-term consequences. For example, students relying on federal financial aid to pursue their education may find themselves no longer eligible to receive additional funding. 

A conviction of marijuana creates a criminal record for the student that does not go away. This record can keep them from finding quality housing. For those ready to embark on their professional journeys, obstacles can prevent them from obtaining a job. This is particularly true when candidates do not have the opportunity to meet the employer face to face. They cannot explain why they have a criminal record, which can cause a job denial. 

Students may complete a drug rehabilitation program to help them address some of the financial consequences such as financial aid. However, the court costs, legal fees and rehab expenses can add up. A college student with limited funds may have difficulty paying these. 

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