IIDs and distracted driving

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Many issues face people accused of operating while intoxicated offenses in Wisconsin, including the potential loss of driving privileges.

Without the ability to drive, a person may lose their job and their ability to provide for themselves and their family, only adding to the challenges and potentially downward spiral caused by an OWI charge.

IID use in Wisconsin

As explained by the Wisconsin State Legislature, a person charged with an OWI offense may be able to reinstate their driving privileges by installing and using an ignition interlock device. In fact, repeat offenders may find themselves required to install an IID as may people facing their first OWI charge should their blood alcohol content level exceed 0.15% at the time of their arrest.

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation indicates that a person ordered to use an IID must do so in every vehicle they own, including motorcycles. The person must also use an IID in any vehicle they operate even if they do not own that vehicle.

IIDs and distracted driving

According to Car and Driver Magazine, an ignition interlock device not only requires a person to take and pass a breath test prior to starting a vehicle’s ignition, but once actively driving as well. Referred to as rolling retests, these tests mandate a person to provide a clean breath sample within just a few minutes of the system’s prompt.

The driver’s hands, eyes and mind are diverted from the act of driving to the act of taking the breath test, thus creating a significant distraction and hazard. In fact, many accidents have resulted due to a driver’s participation in a rolling retest.

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