Can your OWI conviction change your life for the worse?

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Wisconsin college students like you have big plans ahead. Maybe you go to college knowing what you want to do with your life already. Maybe you plan on using your time there to figure it out. While college is a time for exploration, you must still remain mindful of laws. 

Do not underestimate the damage an OWI conviction can do. Even if it is your first conviction, you may end up surprised by the severity of the penalties. 

OWI convictions stay on record

The College Investor discusses the ways an OWI can impact your future as a student. First, it can continue to affect you even after you graduate. This is because an OWI conviction remains on your record. Many people can see it, including prospective landlords or employers. Even if it is a first time offense, many people will not give you the benefit of the doubt. They see a conviction, and that is the end of that. 

Jobs may no longer be available to you

This means your chances at finding good housing or jobs in the future may end up damaged. On top of that, you could end up banned from certain industries in their entirety. For example, you cannot get a commercial driver’s license with an OWI conviction. This means you cannot do any job that involves vehicular transportation. 

Your college career can also end up damaged. The college board may pull any financial support they were providing you with. They may end scholarships or take back financial awards. They may also ban you from on-campus housing. Forcing you to rent off campus may push attendance past your budget. 

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