Officials in Chippewa Falls charge local woman with OWI

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Most people in Eau Claire likely have a pretty straightforward view of operating a vehicle while intoxicated. They view such action as the reckless choice of one who is indifferent to others’ safety when compared to their own convenience. Yet as is the case with many criminal matters, actual instances of OWI may rarely be that simple. 

No one wants to accept the risk inherent with a person driving a car while potentially impaired by alcohol or some other controlled substance, yet that does not necessarily mean that those accused of such action posed a particular threat or were even inhibited in their judgment. 

Traffic stop results in OWI arrest

The recent case of a Chippewa Falls woman may serve to illustrate this point. While reports have yet to offer the exact details of her arrest, the local NBC affiliate reported that a law enforcement officer stopped her while in her vehicle for a defective headlamp. The account did not detail the extent of her behavior (or whether she drove erratically) other than to say that she displayed signs of impairment. Yet authorities ultimately arrested her for driving under the influence of prescription medication. She refused a confirmatory blood test (which can indeed warrant an arrest), so no evidence yet reported confirms the allegations (which would mark her first such offense). 

Fighting against aggravating charges

Compounding matters in this particular case is the fact that the woman had a young child in the vehicle with her. Circumstances such as these can result in authorities determining that aggravating factors to an offense exist that merit one facing more serious charges. While one may indeed justifiably face criminal scrutiny for unlawful action, evidence must support such action in order for any consequences to be legally legitimate. Having apt legal counsel on one’s side may ensure that such facts are not forgotten. 

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