What is drug court?

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In an attempt to help reduce prison populations and decriminalize some drugs, many states have created drug courts. These courts provide an alternative option for the normal court process if you face certain drug charges.

The Criminal Justice Coordinating Council explains that in Wisconsin, there is an adult drug court option. It applies in only select drug cases with the intention of helping you if you have an addiction to drugs instead of punishing you for your actions.

Drug court program

The drug court involves an intensive program that helps you to confront and overcome your addictive behaviors while also providing you intense supervision to ensure you remain safe and do not commit further criminal actions. You will also go before a judge on a regular basis to check-in and assess how you are doing under the program.

During the program, you will undergo treatment and receive services to help you stop your drug use. You will also have to submit to random drug testing. If you are unable to complete the terms of drug court, then you may return to the regular court and face normal criminal prosecution for your charges.


Because the court meets every week and you will be under supervision throughout, the program can stay on top of your actions and ensure you are doing the required programs. If the court feels you need further help, it will order it. The idea is to make the program work for you and to provide you the help you need. Through drug court, you get support and attention that holds you accountable.

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