Marijuana charges and child custody

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Whether you were recently pulled over and accused of operating a vehicle while intoxicated or you are facing charges related to the unlawful possession of marijuana, there are many charges that people face. The consequences vary from one case to the next and those accused face different hardships. For example, if you are in the middle of a dispute over child custody, you need to think about how drug charges could impact your future.

Unfortunately, many people face long-term consequences as a result of false allegations or a one-off mistake. Make sure you know your legal rights and the potential ramifications of these charges.

How can marijuana charges affect custody?

According to data that was published by the State Council on Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse, drug charges (such as those involving marijuana or another unlawful substance) can play a role in terms of custody decisions. For example, courts sometimes decide to restrict a parent’s custody rights as a result of their record. Moreover, these charges can disrupt many other aspects of your life and some people are unable to spend time with their kids due to a prison sentence.

How can parents address marijuana charges?

If you are facing court over marijuana charges or another drug-related offense, you need a thorough understanding of your legal rights. In fact, the approach you take with regard to your case could not only shape your future relationship with your child but many other aspects of your life that also affect your kids (such as your career). Sadly, some parents do not realize how much is at stake.

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