How can an OWI conviction scuttle your career?

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You know that an OWI conviction can put you at risk for a jail or prison sentence, a stiff fine and possible loss of your driver’s license, but did you know that an OWI conviction can also make it difficult, if not impossible, for you to pursue the career of your choice?

Unfortunately, as reported by the Houston Chronicle, such is the case. For instance, should your goal be to work in one of the professions, such as law, health care, engineering or architecture, your state licensing board could refuse to issue you a license to practice if you receive an OWI conviction. If you already have a license, the board could suspend or revoke it due to your conviction.

Background checks

An OWI conviction can likewise hamper your nonprofessional career objectives. As you likely know, most employers conduct background checks of job applicants. Yours could reveal the following:

  • The records from the court that convicted you
  • The records from the jail or prison where you served your sentence
  • The DMV records from any state that suspended or revoked your driver’s license as a result of your OWI conviction

Once these records come to light, you have little, if any, hope of obtaining a job that requires you to work around or with children or disabled adults. In addition, you need not apply for any job that requires you to have a commercial driver’s license. Why? Because an OWI conviction precludes your obtaining a CDL for many years after your conviction.


While it may seem discriminatory, potential employers likely will see your OWI conviction as a black mark against your character. They may also view it as an indication that you make poor choices and could be a potential troublemaker.

All in all, an OWI conviction can hamper your career for years to come.

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