How do OWI convictions impact your college life?

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An OWI conviction can have many repercussions throughout your life, no matter what stage of life you are in. In particular, you want to watch out if working or attending college. Many workers understand the risks of OWI convictions. But for college students, the awareness is not always there.

Unfortunately, OWIs can have a big impact on your time in college. But just what is the impact? How does it affect you and your potential future?

Financial repercussions

The College Investor takes a look at how OWI convictions might impact your time in college. First, you can actually lose your ability to attend college. It is rare, but in some cases a college may expel students for OWI criminal convictions. It is more likely that you will face financial repercussions, though.

If you have any scholarships, you may lose those. The same goes for financial awards and rewards achieved through other means. Colleges may also prohibit you from using on-campus housing. This means you must pay for off-campus housing, which is often prohibitively expensive.

Loss of opportunities

On top of that, doors of opportunity close for your job possibilities. You cannot work in government positions or with children with OWI convictions, for example. You also cannot apply for positions that require a commercial driver’s license, as you cannot obtain one.

This may close off interesting opportunities in the classroom, too. You may not be able to take up intern positions or attend classes that gear toward these careers. This can put a big dent in your ability to enjoy what college has to offer. Thus, if you face an OWI charge, you may want to speak to a legal professional for advice moving forward.

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