What do you know about the full impact of an OWI on your life?

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After your recent operating while intoxicated offense, you must learn to navigate the charge’s financial and personal fallout on your life. Do you have a resiliency plan for keeping your life on track and preparing for the road ahead?

Absolute Advocacy examines how a drunk driving charge changes your life. Create a foundation for a healthy life post-OWI.

Auto insurance

The next time you renew your current insurance policy, expect an increase in your premiums if you remain with your current coverage provider. Even if you change auto insurance companies, your OWI charge follows you from provider to provider, labeling you a risky driver. Prepare your finances for more expensive car insurance.


Did you harm anyone while inebriated behind the wheel? If so, an injured party may hit you with a civil lawsuit to recover damages. No matter your ability to pay a settlement, your involvement in a civil legal action may trigger a cascade of worry, stress and frustration.

Relationships with friends and family

Your relatives, friends and romantic partner may look at you differently when they learn of your OWI. Your close personal relationships may sour or deteriorate entirely.

Job prospects

If future potential employers run a background check on you, do you know how to field questions about your criminal charge in a way that does not ruin your chances of receiving a job offer? Even if you remain with your current company, your boss may learn of your encounter with law enforcement, which may affect your future with the company.

A criminal charge may alter your life in ways that you do not realize. Learn what to expect to act rather than react.

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