Protect your professional license against drug charges

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As a Wisconsin resident with a professional license, you may believe you have job security based on the demand for specific qualifications. However, if you have a drug conviction on your record, licensing authorities may suspend or revoke your license. This could leave you unable to hold a position in your chosen field.

According to the Restoration of Rights Project, you may lose your professional license if your conviction relates to your profession. For example, if you are a pharmacist or medical professional, you could lose your license due to a prescription drug conviction. If you face charges, there are steps you can take before an investigation by the licensing board begin that could help you minimize damage to your livelihood.

Know your options

Review your malpractice insurance and ensure that it covers an investigation. If not, request its addition. This coverage allows you to defend yourself and respond to the board investigation. During this time, make sure you work with people who have access to the books, articles and experts that back up your perspective.

Respond accordingly

If arrested, state statutes require that you self-report the situation. The board representative assigned to your case is likely friendly, but keep in mind he or she is not your friend. An initial investigation may result in a warning or finding no responsibility. However, it could also start a formal disciplinary proceeding.

State and federal laws require adherence to specific processes and procedures during a police investigation. Protecting your rights and ensuring the state holds to its burden of proof is critical, especially if authorities deviate from procedures. Tactics such as illegal search and seizure can result in evidence becoming inadmissible in court. This can reduce the likelihood of a conviction and protect your professional license.


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