Wisconsin leadership considers marijuana legalization

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As more states legalize medical and recreational marijuana bills, other states need to reckon with their relationship with the drug. Wisconsin’s current penalties for the possession of any amount may result in up to a $1000 fine or 6 months in prison for a first offense.

The Wisconsin Radio Network reports on democratic leadership discussing the legalization. Regardless of the current stage legislators are at with regards to marijuana legalization, understanding its ramifications and knowing the current law may help people navigate this ever-changing legal issue.

Current legalization attempts

The Governor of Wisconsin proposed legalization through the current budget process and Republicans used the same process to reject it. The minority leader of the assembly believes the act accelerates the discussion.

Concerns over a lack of contemporary education on marijuana leads some to think a portion of the public will find any proposal too radical. The senate minority leader feels that a standalone bill for medical cannabis could get through.

It is unknown if or when the senate or assembly will put forward a standalone bill for medical cannabis.

Current laws

Many lower-level jurisdictions have pursued decriminalization reforms but the possession, sale and trafficking of marijuana is still illegal—even if a person purchases it in another state where the drug is legal. Those with medical marijuana cards will find it offers little defense against a charge.

Convictions of minor possession charges have a direct impact on someone and the kinds of penalties he or she may face are serious. Knowing how to navigate the confusing interactions of interstate marijuana laws is something everyone should look into when considering its use.

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