Can an OWI financially affect you in college?

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As a college student facing an OWI, your first concerns may turn toward your college. After all, the police will inform your college if you end up convicted of your charge. This means there is no attempting to hide it, and no escaping from the potential consequences.

But just what are those consequences? How will a college react if you end up with an OWI conviction on your record?

Losing financial support

The College Investor discusses the financial impact of an OWI. This is something most people consider when they think about fines and penalties from the court. But college students like you have to consider even more financial loss, too.

This is because colleges do not often directly expel students for OWI convictions. Unless the case is exceptional or involved other students, you will likely get to continue your schooling at your college of choice.

This does not mean they will let you off the hook with no penalty whatsoever, though. In fact, you can still face financial repercussions that can end with you getting priced out of attending college regardless of whether or not you get expelled.

First, a college will likely revoke all financial support they provided you with. This can include scholarships or even one-time awards or gifts. They can also bar you from staying on-campus. This means you will have to rent housing off campus instead, which is often twice as expensive or even more.

Adding up the costs

Between the lack of support, increased rent and other costs like transportation and school supplies, it is easy to end up in a situation where you can no longer afford to attend college. This is why you should take any OWI charges seriously from the start.

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