Marijuana legal status in Wisconsin

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Many states have laws legalizing marijuana use for recreational and medicinal purposes. It is a state decision since the drug is still illegal at the federal level.

Some states have fully legalized the drug while others have not legalized it at all. Cannabusiness Industrial Marketplace explains Wisconsin marijuana law is mainly on the side of it being completely illegal. Technically, marijuana is illegal for any use in the state.

Act 267

Act 267 made it legal for people to use CBD oil for medical reasons only if they have a seizure disorder. CBD oil must be low-THC. A person also must have doctor approval.

When the federal government legalized hemp, the state fell in line with that, which means CBD is legal as long as it meets THC level requirements set by the federal law. What this means is that it is legal for all adults over the age of 18.

Full legalization

WQOW reports that Wisconsin still remains a state where marijuana is illegal in any form. Many leaders in the state have tried numerous times to pass laws to legalize the drug, but opposition is quite strong. As of 2021, the governor is pushing a bill to completely legalize the drug. However, it is still facing many objections.

There is no clear path for legalizing marijuana on any level within the state. Bills brought before the state legislature do not often get far, and there are signs this will continue. The biggest argument currently for legalization is the money it will bring in, so the focus is largely on the benefits to the state government and not its people.

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