3 mistakes to avoid after an OWI arrest

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If you get arrested for drinking and driving, you could face charges for Operating While Visibly Impaired. In Wisconsin, an OWI conviction comes with serious consequences.

For example, according to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, a first offense for OWI could result in a fine of up to $3,000 and up to nine months of license revocation. Following the OWI arrest, there are several mistakes you should avoid making to prevent issues with the impending process.

1. Assuming conviction is inevitable

Just getting arrested for OWI does not necessarily mean you are guilty of this offense. The law enforcement official simply believed that you broke the law for drinking and driving, but the criminal process has to prove your guilt before you face charges.

2. Ignoring the OWI charge

Ignoring an OWI charge will not make it go away. Additionally, ignoring an OWI charge and not taking action could even adversely affect how your case turns out. For instance, you could face additional fines and penalties if convicted.

3. Failing to make court appearances

Not attending court hearings for your OWI case could lead to a warrant for your arrest. Make an effort to show up to all scheduled court hearings and to show up on time.

Getting arrested for drinking and driving and then managing your case can be a stressful experience, especially right at first. But not managing the situation proactively can make the situation even more stressful and even negatively affect the final outcome of your OWI case.

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