How long does it take to sober up?

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If you enjoy a few drinks, you might start to feel the effects of intoxication. You do not want to get behind the wheel of a vehicle in this condition. So how long does it take for you to sober up? There actually is not a hard and fast answer. You cannot figure out to the minute when your intoxication will completely wear off.

There are certain factors that will dictate when you become sober. Healthline explains what could speed up or slow down your body’s processing of alcohol.

The alcohol you have consumed

The amount of alcohol you drink factors into how long you will remain inebriated. Alcohol acts fast since it enters your bloodstream in minutes once you have consumed it. Pay attention to the amount of alcohol in whatever beverage you drink. Some brands put more alcohol in their drinks than others, so some drinks may increase your intoxication.

Your rate of consumption

You might pride yourself on your ability to consume one drink after another. However, the rate at which you drink is going to affect your body’s ability to process alcohol. This is because your body requires time to metabolize what you drink. Drinking fast only raises your blood alcohol concentration level and keeps you drunk for a longer period of time.

Your personal tolerance level

If you drink on a regular basis, your body may adapt to the presence of alcohol, meaning you will not feel intoxicating effects unless you drink more. But even if you can function with a high amount of alcohol, this does not mean you are not actually drunk. You could still register a high BAC level if a police officer pulls you over.

Whether you have eaten

Having a meal in your stomach can slow down the absorption rate of alcohol into your body. As a result, your BAC level will not be as high as it would be on an empty stomach. If you drink without eating, you will likely become more intoxicated and take longer to sober up.

There are other factors that can lengthen or shorten how long it takes to sober up. It is better to play it safe and not risk using a vehicle if you have had a few drinks. Even if you feel that you can handle it, a court can still convict you of OWI if your BAC level is too high.

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