How synthetic cannabinoids differ from marijuana

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People who want to smoke marijuana may be on the lookout for drugs that are derivative of marijuana but legal and safer to ingest. Someone may have told you that synthetic cannabinoids qualify as “legal” marijuana. However, Wisconsin law says otherwise.

The truth is that synthetic cannabinoids are not the same as marijuana. They may not even be similar, and in many cases, they are not legal for people to use.

Cannabinoids and marijuana

Marijuana contains a primary active ingredient called tetrahydrocannabinol. This ingredient produces effects on brain cell receptors. Cannabinoid chemicals act on the same brain cells as marijuana. But as the CDC explains, the effects of cannabinoids and marijuana on the human body are not the same. Also, synthetic cannabinoids can produce unpredictable effects that can be very dangerous.

The effects of synthetic cannabinoids

Using synthetic cannabinoids can cause various mental problems, including emotional flare-ups like irritability or agitation. They can also affect your sleep. You may feel fatigued or dizzy. Synthetic cannabinoids can also induce hallucinations, thoughts of suicide, and even violent actions.

Synthetic cannabinoids have also created dangerous health issues for many people. They include kidney failure, damage to muscles, problems with breathing and issues with the digestion system. These drugs can also harm your heart, resulting in high blood pressure, stroke or a heart attack.

Most synthetic cannabinoids are illegal

You probably think synthetic cannabinoids are legal because you have seen some in convenience stores or marketed online as a natural herbal product. Some of these drugs are legal in some circumstances, but many are not. This has the potential to confuse people who think they are buying a legal product.

Wisconsin is one of a number of states that ban synthetic cannabinoids. Possessing these drugs could result in fines and jail time. So even if you think synthetic cannabinoids qualify as “legal” marijuana, you will likely be mistaken.

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