What is an occupational license after OWI?

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Having your license suspended for operating a vehicle while impaired can disrupt your ability to meet expectations. Whether you have children to get to school or you need to drive to your job, having no license can make transportation a bit of an inconvenience.

If you lost driving privileges, you may have the option of acquiring an occupational license. This temporary, restricted license may give you just enough flexibility to allow you to meet pressing obligations.

Assessing your eligibility

Not everyone can apply for an occupational license. If you agreed to a BAC test, but have not yet seen any charges, you have immediate eligibility. However, pending charges or convictions may impact your eligibility. According to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, for a first-time conviction, you can apply immediately, but getting an occupational license is not guaranteed. A second-time conviction requires that you wait 45 days before applying.

There will be no exceptions for waiting periods. If you have more than one waiting period to serve, you will need to satisfy the terms of each one before applying for an occupational license. If you receive approval for one, your license will not operate like a typical driver’s license. You could face restrictions for the type of vehicle you can drive, how far you can travel and the purpose for which you drive.

Changing your habits

An occupational license is an excellent resource to use while you gradually repay your legal consequences. It allows you to continue working and maintaining other commitments in your life despite your current situation. During this time, consider how you can improve your driving habits so you can avoid future OWI’s. You may also choose to participate in a rehabilitation course to help you overcome addictions and other unhealthy behaviors that may influence your decision to drink and drive.

Once you have met the expectations for any legal consequences stemming from your OWI, you can follow the process to have your full driving privileges reinstated.

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