What is new with marijuana legalization in the state?

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The latest move in Wisconsin is to legalize marijuana in all forms. The state currently is incredibly restrictive, but many people see how legal marijuana benefits nearby states and want those benefits for Wisconsin.

According to Marijuana Moment, three state legislators, Senator Melissa Agard, Representative David Bowen and Representative Mark Spreitzer, are pushing a bill to legalize marijuana for medical and recreational use.

Current status

As it stands now, the state law only allows for very limited medical use of marijuana. In Madison, the local government has ended all penalties for possession and use of the drug. While the city cannot override the state and make marijuana legal, removing any punishment for doing so made the drug essentially legal for adults.

New bill

The new bill would make marijuana legal for all adults over the age of 21. It would allow them to buy it within the state and bring it into the state from other states. It also allows for growing up to six plants.

Medical marijuana would see an elimination in taxation. It also includes provisions to help those with past marijuana convictions to clear their criminal records or to seek resentencing under the new law.

Past marijuana legislation had plenty of resistance within the government. It is not clear if this new bill is coming at a time when legislators will listen to citizens who largely support legalization. With nearby states offering marijuana for all uses legally, it is stealing money Wisconsin could have, and that point is one the three supporters of the bill hope to use to swing anyone who may be on the fence when it comes to voting in favor of the new bill.

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