What makes medical marijuana different?

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Like many other states, Wisconsin has legalized medical marijuana. When used for this purpose, marijuana requires a prescription from a doctor. You also have to meet any state requirements.

According to WebMD, the marijuana used for medical purposes is no different from that used for recreational purposes.

How it works

Marijuana contains a substance called Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, which you would better know as THC. THC along with another substance in the drug, cannabidiol, provides medicinal qualities.

THC is the substance that creates the “high” from using marijuana, while cannabidiol has a lot of healing properties. It acts like chemicals your body makes to help with issues such as pain management, movement and appetite.

Studies have proven marijuana can help some people with a range of ailments. Sometimes, it works better than other medications, but it is not a guarantee it will work for everyone. Some people may not like the feeling they get from using the substance.

How to use

Using medical marijuana has limits under the law. You may only be able to get it in very specific forms and only to treat specific illnesses. You may also have to go to a different doctor as some will not prescribe the drug.

The law will also limit how much of the drug you can have at a time or in your possession, and you will have to buy it from a state-approved dispensary. You cannot buy marijuana on the street even if you have the right to use it for medical purposes.

It is essential if you want to use medical marijuana that you follow all rules and guidelines for using it legally.

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