What are the signs of alcohol abuse?

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Alcohol abuse may disrupt your college student’s ability to focus in school. Without intervention, your child could end up facing criminal charges, especially with allegations of OWI.

When you know and recognize the signs of alcohol abuse, your concern may help to prevent more serious consequences.

Injuries and illnesses

Drinking alcohol can impair your child’s ability to act responsibly and safely. As a result of overdrinking, a number of dangerous outcomes could happen including the following:

  • Sexual assault
  • Falls
  • Loss of coordination
  • Physical violence
  • Drowsiness

If your college student tries to operate a motor vehicle after drinking, he or she could get pulled over for an OWI. In a serious situation, an OWI can result in a car crash that injures innocent people and damages property. According to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, the type of criminal consequences your child faces will depend on the seriousness of his or her offense. If you notice signs of impairment, unexplained injuries or illnesses, you may have reason to suspect alcohol abuse.

Crime and addiction

Another sign of alcohol abuse is an uptick in criminal activity. If you find out that your child has stolen property, defaced public areas or physically hurt someone, excessive alcohol consumption could be to blame.

If you notice signs of addiction you may suggest a rehabilitation program to correct reckless behaviors before they worsen. If your child awaits a conviction for OWI, you may want to hire an attorney. With the right help, you can advocate for your child to hopefully reduce his or her criminal charges.

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