What are the treatment options for substance abuse disorder?

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Substance abuse disorder is a chronic disease that leads to compulsive drug-seeking behavior. Over time, the condition changes your brain and may cause you to engage in harmful behaviors.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, addiction affects the reward and motivation and learning and memory parts of the brain. Despite its impact on the brain, if you suffer from drug addiction, treatment options are available.

What are the treatment options for substance abuse disorder?

Professionals treat drug addiction through behavioral counseling, medical devices, medication and mental health care. When a patient enters treatment, he or she requires a custom treatment plan. Initially, doctors may use medication to suppress withdrawal symptoms.

Medications such as Methadone and naltrexone may treat opioid addiction. The drugs target the same areas of the brain and suppress withdrawal symptoms. Most patients require more than medication to beat addiction. Behavioral therapy teaches patients how to modify their behaviors and attitudes. Additionally, behavioral modification provides you with healthy life skills.

What is the goal of treatment for substance abuse disorder?

The goal of treatment is to help those affected by substance abuse live an everyday life free of illicit drugs. For those who have a criminal past, the treatment may focus on helping you remove yourself from the lifestyle that turned you to drug use, to begin with. There may be a combined effort of parole and probation officers with treatment centers.

When it comes to substance abuse disorder, you may require lifelong treatment. Drug abuse changes the function of the brain and you may experience various triggers that could lead to relapse.

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